Location, Location, Location (and accessories)

by W. Andrew Powell

Toronto MapThis might be skipping ahead a little, since I’ve been thinking about telling you all the story of how I got engaged, but my mind has been consumed as of late by the search for a wedding venue.

Aisha and I have been focusing on a small space, where we plan to combine the wedding ceremony with the reception. Thanks to a wedding we attended a few months ago, for Aisha’s cousin, we got the idea that we didn’t need to have a ceremony in a church, followed by a reception somewhere else, so the search is on for a venue that can do it all.

Tomorrow we’re going to see one of our first picks for venues, the Windsor Arms on St. Thomas Street. It’s a fantastic, classy space that happens to have great food, and the convenience of being in a hotel we have talked about staying in for the day before and after the wedding. Because we’re looking at a non-typical day for our wedding, there’s even a chance we’ll get a better rate on the food.

Of course, there are a lot of options, so we’re going to be looking at a lot of spaces: there’s Ciao Wine Bar in Yorkville, the Distillery District venues, and we’re looking at some of the venues that Eatertainment serves, like maybe the Enoch Turner Schoolhouse.

We’re also trying to work on picking a photographer–something I’m obviously pretty passionate about since I consider myself a photographer. Standing out right now from the crowd, although we are still looking, is Little Blue Lemon, a company that pretty much blew me away with their portfolio. I’m also curious to see about Azure Blue‘s availability too, since I was also really impressed with their work from local and destination weddings.

And then there are all of the extras. I’d love to have a chocolate fountain at our reception, but I’m a bit more serious about seeing what we might be able to do with the Electric Bus Company, for our arrival at the wedding, and having a photo booth at the reception as well, maybe courtesy of Snapz.

I’ll keep you posted over the next week about how things go, and hopefully I’ll even have a few photos to share. We’re also open to suggestions, so feel free to leave a comment below if you think we should check out a particular location or company.

The planner in me thinks all of this is way too much fun.

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