Lunch to go: Xtreme Taste on Cumberland

by W. Andrew Powell

Xtreme Taste - 6 Cumberland AveDuring the average week I’m around downtown Toronto a lot for lunch, so I end up eating out more often than not. Since I’m trying not to spend a fortune on food, I also like to find little hideaway restaurants that don’t charge $10 for a meal, and for the first time I wanted to mention one in my blog: Xtreme Taste at 6 Cumberland Avenue in Yorkville (one block north of Yonge and Bloor, just a few doors west on Cumberland).

Admittedly, the name leaves something to be desired, but honestly, it’s some of the best home-style Greek food I’ve had in ages.

For between $5 and $6 (taxes are included in the price) you can get chicken and beef kabobs, a veal sandwich, salad, or one of my favorites, the sea bass, calamari, shrimp and salad special ($6), and you get a choice of two salads. They also sell what I’m told is a fantastic vegetarian platter that’s enough for two lighter eaters to share.

At least once every week or two I end up at Xtreme Taste, and while I dread the thought of them selling out of my favorites by the time I get there, it’s a fantastic spot, so I’d recommend it to anyone. I’d also just recommend you arrive before 2:00 PM if you want one of their top-sellers.

Just be aware that this is mostly a take-out restaurant since there are only a few stools in the front window where you can eat. In the summer, you can always take your food to go and walk to one of the nearby parkettes.

My only small complaint about Xtreme Taste? They don’t offer a lot of variety in terms of new specials each day. What you see on the menu is what you get, but for a fantastic home-cooked Greek meal once in a while, it doesn’t get much better than this.

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