Juno blogging – the Red Carpet

by W. Andrew Powell

I was going to blog about the eTalk Juno Awards red carpet but I have to be honest – it’s way too dull to bother with. For one thing it looks a little chilly and dark (although the stars are chipper and Nelly Furtado was even brave enough to be on the red carpet in a dress with no coat), but the comments from the various musicians were also kinda dull. I love the idea of a red carpet for this event, but either they need better interviewers, or more action, or something.

Gregory Charles was amazingly energetic though – he’s certainly more interesting than anyone who came out before him. Also cool to see Rick Hansen on the carpet.

On the other hand it’s annoying to see Ben “Mr. Plastic” Mulroney. Could he have asked dumber questions to Nickelback?? What is he, new to this?

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sheryl April 1, 2007 - 10:16 pm

Congrats to Jim Byrnes on winning Best Blues Album of the year…

Danon April 1, 2007 - 10:50 pm

Thank gawd things finally got going when Patrick Watson and band got to stage. The thing looked like a high school production until entertainment value started moving up at that point. Billy Talent will disappear within two years. Cool for youth segment to listen to screeching sound now, but this too will fade. Nelly F. is a sham, a joke. Knew it would be, though. Not funny. The host-visual-show mix needs timing. Get a host who can host next time. Being number one recording artist doesn’t matter for this job. Jann Arden was waaaaaay better, many others we have as well who could do the job. Don’t have to profile someone who is already number one. Why they blacked-up her singing act I don’t know. She was good without the R&B flavouring. Commercialized her. Not good.

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