Over the last couple of weeks, because of changes to the website, this blog has suddenly started appearing on Google News. At first I was kind of wondering if it was just a glitch, but it now seems to be permanent, and I’m wondering if this blog should appear on a news site.

Now, I realize a lot of blogs appear in the news now, especially on Google News, but this is not a news blog. At best it’s a bunch of running commentaries, stitched together over some rants, and random links and photos.

So I thought I’d ask readers – what do you think? Should I force my blog off Google News, or are things cool the way they are? You can respond here, or vote over on the poll page.

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W. Andrew Powell

W. Andrew Powell lives, sleeps, eats, and breaths movies and entertainment. Since launching The GATE in 1999 Andrew has enjoyed being a pest to any publicist who would return his calls. In his "spare time," Andrew is also an avid photographer, and writes about leisure travel and hotels around the world.

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  1. Karli

    Actually, I found your blog through the Google News thread. I personally think it is upto the reader to decided what is news and what isn’t.

    I have to say as someone who was actually at the Juno Awards your “review” on it was very accurate.

  2. boredbyjunos

    yeah, i found your blog through google news too. i’d leave it there if you want people to read your blog. i think people can differentiate between “real” news and blog sites.

    google recently added a “blog search” option on their news page… so maybe there’s just some cross-referencing going on. i wouldn’t worry about it too much.