Video Hits: “Let’s Go Higher” by Johnny Reid

by W. Andrew Powell

Johnny Reid
In honour of the Juno Awards, which have taken over Toronto this week for their 40th anniversary, and tonight’s Songwriter’s Circle, I thought I had to feature a little Johnny Reid this week.

The Juno nominee is hosting tonight’s Songwriter’s Circle event which is at Massey Hall and will also include a few songs and words from the likes of Luke Doucet, Royal Wood, and Sylvia Tyson.

On the other hand, I’m also featuring this song not just because I love this single but because I know my mother is mad-crazy for Mr. Reid (I was also told, in no uncertain terms, that I had to get a good photo of the country singer). (By that logic though, I’ll have to post something by Diana Krall at some point since my father is crazy for her…)

Without further ado… “Let’s Go Higher” by Johnny Reid

Video Hits is a semi-frequent spot where I feature a new music video to admire, mock, and discuss. From the great to the awful, whether they’re from twenty years or twenty minutes ago.

For you Canadians out there, the title of this series is totally a tribute to CBC’s original 80s TV series, Video Hits.

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