Gina Glocksen moves on

Gina Glocksen

The audiences have had their say and so it was Gina Glocksen who got booted this week from American Idol. It’s too bad because I have to say she was one of the few singers from this season of Idol who actually grabbed my attention and seemed like she had that whole star personality going on. She was energetic, fun, sweet, and bubbly and looking at her auditions, and most of her performances, I’d also say she’s a great singer. The catch is that she didn’t always deliver. She has the talent, but maybe she just needs a chance to hone her skills.

So, although I definitely didn’t watch American Idol (much), I can guarantee I now have no reason to watch. I’m just going to be waiting to see what she does on her own. On the bright side, at least she has some chance of escaping Fox/Idol’s clutches.

Here’s one of her best performances from the show – Gina doing “Alone” by Heart.

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  1. This season has to be the most mediocre season of American Idol yet. After the auditions I stopped watching completely. She seems alright but from what I have been reading she shouldn’t of been booted this week. It should of been Sanjaya Malakar. But I haven’t heard him sing so I have no idea for sure.

  2. I’ve never been a huge fan of Idol, but I do watch the occaisonal show, and I have to agree – they’re getting more and more boring. And yeah, Sanjaya is way overdue for getting booted – but I’d say there are anti-Idol forces at work to keep him on the show just for kicks.

  3. gina glocksen hi its sarah patterson i used to live in napervill ill
    you did a outstanding job on singing your heart out and i love you very much
    inside of my heart you too beautyful to cry is when you get booted off the american idol
    you’ll always be my angel smile. keep on singing i’ll stand by you

    sarah patterson