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Gina Glocksen moves on

The audiences have had their say and so it was Gina Glocksen who got booted this week from American Idol. It’s too bad because I have to say she was one of the few singers from this season of Idol who actually grabbed my attention and seemed like she had that whole star personality going on. She was energetic, fun, sweet, and bubbly and looking at her auditions, and most of her performances, I’d also say she’s a great singer. The catch is that she didn’t always deliver. She has the talent, but maybe she just needs a chance to hone her skills.

So, although I definitely didn’t watch American Idol (much), I can guarantee I now have no reason to watch. I’m just going to be waiting to see what she does on her own. On the bright side, at least she has some chance of escaping Fox/Idol’s clutches.

Here’s one of her best performances from the show – Gina doing “Alone” by Heart.

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