Where have all the weird videos gone? I feel like there used to be a lot more, but they’re drying up or something. I guess that’s at least one reason I love Muse, who consistently have the oddest music videos. I’m actually a fan because they’re so freaking epic, but the weirdness factor doesn’t hurt since I’m tired of singers who are scared of taking chances or being a little weird.

I was going to post “Time Is Running Out” in honour of how much I’m listening to them recently (Black Holes and Revelations is mind-blowing), but since it’s kind of an old single now I figured I should post something new. The trouble is just that “Starlight” isn’t exactly a mind-blowing video, so here’s my other fave – “Knights of Cydonia” – which is kinda too funny for words…

(My favorite track off the whole album though? “Take A Bow” – check it out. Epic rock, and totally political.)

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