Rolleiflex 2.8D TLR camera

2.8D TLR camera

As I type this note I’m sitting at my desk eyeing the clock. It’s just before 8:00 PM and in two hours my latest dreams of owning a (second) camera will be shot.

I’ve had my eye on picking up a twin-lens reflex (TLR) camera off of for weeks now, and I found the perfect one a couple of days ago, but the problem is it’s now ridiculously over-priced thanks to one person’s bid. There are a few others I like, but this one came with a pile of goodies, and it was located here in .

Of course, I can’t whine too much about not getting a second camera. The only reason I want another one is because the first one I bought is huge, and weighs a ton (it’s the awesome RZ67 though), so it’s not ideal for travel.

There are some amazing medium format coming up on eBay these days, but it seems to take a lot of patience to find one that isn’t getting heavy bids, and yet still comes from a reputable seller.

What’s funny is that I still get a lot of funny questions when I say I shoot . It’s not like I’m only shooting , my main camera is digital, but there is something very rewarding about shooting on . It feels right, it even sounds right when you hear the shutter.

Medium format also offers a huge amount of resolution with the right scanner, and if I shoot black and white film, I also develop my own negatives.

Anyway, I’m going to keep hunting for a new camera, and see what comes up. My only other complaint is that I wish there was a store in that I could walk in to and look at these cameras before I buy one. Since these TLR cameras are getting scarce as collectors pick them up though, that seems fairly unlikely.

Wish me luck! If I find the right one I’m going to be taking it to this year’s to get snapshots and hopefully a few portraits.

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  1. Robert

    If you haven’t already try B&H Photo, Adorama or I’ve used them all and they’ve very reputable. Keh has tons of medium format.