Daft Punk in Tron Legacy

in Tron Legacy

A little over two hours ago I stepped out of Walt Disney’s screening here in and my mind has been fighting over every little detail since then.

For something like twenty years I’ve waited for this sequel, and now that it’s here I’m going to have a hard time verbalizing what it felt like finally seeing it on screen. In my head, I have a long list of bubbly pros and somewhat acidic cons, but the catch is that I’ve also got to wait until Friday to really tell you much about the . (It no fun ticking off a PR person, trust me.)

What I can say is that it left me wanting to see it again. I think it’s also safe to say that the by Daft Punk is–as far as my mushy brain is telling me tonight–the most memorable of the year. I do not say this lightly either. Great scores are something I’m passionate about.

(And for the record, yes, Inception‘s score was good. Of course it was. But let’s face it, Hans Zimmer seemed to be channeling The Dark Knight quite a bit if you ask me, and could have been a notch more original in places.)

The only other small teaser I’ll leave you with, just in case it needed to be said: yes, is a goddess.

Olivia Wilde in Tron Legacy

Olivia Wilde in Tron Legacy

Olivia Wilde relaxes at Flynn's digital pad in Tron Legacy

Olivia Wilde relaxes at Flynn's digital pad in Tron Legacy

On a completely different note, if you’re still reading this… have you seen the new Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides trailer yet? It ran in 3-D ahead of Tron: Legacy and let me just say, if Disney asked, I’d start lining up now. Johnny Depp can do no wrong in my books.

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