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Video Hits: “Jack Sparrow” (feat. Michael Bolton) by The Lonely Island

Remember when Saturday Night Live was funny? Unless you're over the age of 30, you probably don't remember SNL being all that hilarious, but every so often the show has a moment of genius. Tina Fey was certainly a most excellent host this past weekend, but it was clearly the guys from The Lonely Island, with a little help from Michael Bolton, who stole the show.
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Video Hits: “4 3 2 1” by k-os

South of the border, down America way, you folks may not have heard of k-os, and I think that's a bleeding shame. The Canadian rapper and songwriter has four studio albums to his name, including 2009's Yes! which included the track below, "4 3 2 1," and one of k-os' all-time best tracks, the very addictive "I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman".
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Video Hits: “What The Hell” by Avril Lavigne

There are possibly only three good things about this video: Avril, Avril in her underwear, and oh, I don't know, Avril's vampire fangs (what can I say, they're kind of cute). The point is, this is one of those weeks where I feel more inclined to spotlight a new train wreck of a video that's worth at least watching for kicks than taking the time to hunt for something older and obviously far superior.