Watch: Pterodactyl Problems “Spreading Fear”

Pterodactyl Problems “Spreading Fear” is a blistering, electric, metal-and-rock-fused live track that kicks you in the teeth–in the best way possible.

As lead singer Davey White puts it, the song is about “shitty politicians” and if you’ve ever wanted to vent about that topic, this is the perfect track.

Filmed live in Toronto at the Danforth Music Hall, the video will get you ready to line up for the band’s next show.

“Spreading Fear” is from the band’s new album, Esoteric Hobbies, which they consider “probably the best musical project we’ve been a part of, and definitely the most collaborative.”

Lyrically, the songs on the album “speak about a lot of the confusion and pain around growing up dealing with serious mental illness, either in ourselves or others, but also the joy and growth that can be found in the multitude of experiences that make up our early life.”

Pterodactyl Problems is Davey White, vocals and Guitar; Jack Neila, Guitar; Ciarán Neely, Bass and Guitar; and Oliver Salathiel, Drums.

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