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MISSISSAUGA, Ont., (Sept. 1st, 2021) – Another long-weekend in the big city, only this time during a pandemic. Vaccines are rolling out more efficiently and restrictions are slowly lifting. Still, there is a void created from the closures of the night clubs and bars that usually litter the Greater Toronto Area. It is only fitting that the Labour Day long weekend would mark the launch date for the first ever, online dance-club. was a pandemic-inspired idea that is finally set to take off and offer a unique twist to online socializing.

Last year’s nation-wide lockdown, forced many of us to remain indoors. Eventually, we were doing pretty much everything online. Office meetings, school, doctor visits, court dates, etc., all done virtually. The creators of simply brought that technology to one of the hardest hit industries of the past year, the bars and night-clubs. The bar/night-club experience has been almost forgotten for a while now and in the future, our new virtual, online world might be the new normal. With online dating and social media platforms at the height of their popularity, seems like another soon-to-be staple in the industry.

Like most dating sites you are required to complete a simple registration that helps to filter what you are looking for and who is looking at you. Similar to most dance clubs, you will be subjected to a dress code and will need ID to enter (bare as you dare, no nudity, must be 18+). Once granted access, you will have a choice of over nine different music genres for your listening pleasure. You can listen to music, while checking out other member profiles that are in the same room. With one click of the “Request a Dance” button, a member can request a dance from another member. If accepted, the two members will have a one minute, live, video dance, with an opportunity to chat at the end. Members can also rate or be rated by others and write comments, good or bad.

Everything you did at the club minus the coat-check. There is the “Profile” page for members that just want to people watch and check out who is online. There is the “DJ Booth” for when you just want to listen to music while relaxing, cleaning, cooking etc. Then, there is the “Dance Floor” where you can look, listen and do a video dance/chat. There is also a “Gift Store” where you can purchase items from participating local vendors and a soon-to-come “Stage” for live performances. The true dance-club experience, all done in the comforts of your home.

Inevitably, there will be a return to live carnivals, parades, festivals and the sweaty mega night-clubs that we have all come to know and love. For the moment, future pandemics and pending lock-downs are also an uncomfortable reality. Our need for social interaction will always need redefining. Simply put, the new age of socializing is truly, online. The idea looks like it is pandemic-proof.

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