Distillery District celebrates ‘1225th’ anniversary

by W. Andrew Powell

Tara Spencer-NairnFido held a big to-do this week in Toronto’s Distillery District, inviting Canadian artists and filmmakers out to celebrate the historic neighbourhood’s 175th anniversary – in dog years. The event also gave Fido a chance to unveil the company’s new ‘Fido Spot’, a digital video projector that’s now the largest in the province and projects a seven-storey image.

Taking advantage of the chance to promote Fido to this hip, revitalized part of town, Patrick Hadsipantelis, Vice President of Marketing at Fido, promoted the event to the fullest, saying, “The Distillery District was the most popular filming location in the country and is now internationally recognized as Canada’s premier centre for arts, culture and entertainment. We are really excited about the new digital video projector that Fido is adding to this venue. We are proud to partner with them to help promote new artists.”

In addition Fido commissioned a life-sized pin-art structure to give guests a chance to leave their artistic mark, at least temporarily.

The Distillery District is a national historic site located in downtown Toronto between Front, Parliament and Cherry streets. A number of galleries, theatres, restaurants, retailers and cafes now call the area home, and it’s one of the newly popular areas for parties throughout the year, including during the Toronto International Film Festival.

David Usher
David Usher at the Distillery District

Photos by Barry Roden

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