CTV bumps programming to A during Olympics

by W. Andrew Powell

CTV Logo


The 2010 Olympics will be taking over your television starting this Friday, February 5, and in Canada that means a few changes for some of your favorite programs on CTV.

Since CTV will be airing the Olympics full time, the broadcaster is moving a majority of their programs, including prime time shows, to A, their sister station.

Affected prime time CTV programs include Lost, American Idol, Grey’s Anatomy, Depserate Housewives, Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, CSI, and Human Target.

Daytime and late-night programs are also affected, including The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, Live With Regis and Kelly, and The Oprah Winfrey Show, among others.

With the majority of American programs continuing to air new episodes during the Olympics, the move is an essential one for CTV, although it leaves anyone without cable stuck watching the Olympics on their rabbit ears, or watching available shows on CTV’s website. On the bright side, CTV announced at the end of January that Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Human Target, and Lost are all now available for viewing on the CTV website.

Regular programming will resume on both stations starting March 1, following the end of CTV’s Olympic coverage. For more information on the scheduling changes visit CTV.ca or Atv.ca. A’s prime-time schedule during the Olympics is included below.

Schedule courtesy of CTV. All times in ET/PT:

7:00 PM — TMZ
7:30 PM — Access Hollywood
8:00 PM — Human Target
9:00 PM — Two and a Half Men
9:30 PM — The Big Bang Theory
10:00 PM — CSI: Miami

7:00 PM — TMZ
7:30 PM — Access Hollywood
8:00 PM — American Idol
9:00 PM — Lost
10:00 PM — Private Practice

7:00 PM — TMZ
7:30 PM — Access Hollywood
8:00 PM — Criminal Minds
9:00 PM — American Idol
10:00 PM — CSI: NY

7:00 PM — The Vampire Diaries
8:00 PM — CSI
9:00 PM — Grey’s Anatomy
10:00 PM — The Mentalist

7:00 PM — TMZ
7:30 PM — Access Hollywood
8:00 PM — Ghost Whisperer
9:00 PM — Medium
10:00 PM — Past Life

8:00 PM — The Big Picture
10:00 PM — Stargate Atlantis

7:00 PM — Castle
8:00 PM — The Amazing Race
9:00 PM — Desperate Housewives
10:00 PM — Cold Case

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