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Calling all musicians: send us your music

The GATE has officially opened the floodgates and we’re looking for – dare we say it – talented musicians. Starting immediately, we’re encouraging musicians, bands, and all those gifted singers out there to submit their work for a chance to be featured in a new weekly web series.

We’re looking for your best work in the form of a single song, of any genre, that you think proves why you or your band should be famous. The catch, and there always is one, is simply that by submitting a track you are giving us the right to play your song on this website. In other words, we’re going to feature it, and in a year when you’re mega-famous we’re still going to have it streaming here for the world to hear.

Have your lawyers read the fine print below, and then send us your music. If we pick your track, we’ll be in touch to let you know the good news.

One more thing. If you or your band are set to play a music festival, especially in Toronto, we might feature your track in a special preview article leading up to the show. Again, we’re open to promoting great talent from anywhere, but we hold a special place in our hearts for bands playing North by Northeast (NXNE), Canadian Music Fest (part of CMW), or Juno Week.

The Rules:
* You can only upload MP3 and JPG files, which must be under 6 MB in size (each).
* All music must be submitted by a legal representative of the musician(s) and/or band only. For that reason you must provide a valid email address and a telephone number. Sorry, but it’s the only way we can be sure that Coldplay is really submitting their latest single.
* Along with a song, we need a photo, and a very short bio (one paragraph, max) so we have something interesting to say about you.
* Finally, aside from streaming our favorites, the best of the best may be featured in special podcasts throughout the year.

Visit the permanent music submission page at:, or use the form below.

Thanks to everyone who submitted. Entries are no longer being accepted.

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