Robert Redford on independent films at the Sundance Film Festival

by W. Andrew Powell

Robert RedfordThe Sundance Channel released a video today featuring actor and founder Robert Redford to promote this year’s Sundance Film Festival and while it’s a notch short, the clip does make a strong point: whether your film lands at a big festival or not, it’s incredibly hard to make an independent movie successful.

“It’s always been hard for independent film, always,” Redford said in the interview. “A movie that costs over $100 million will maybe spend $40 million just to promote it for one weekend–an independent film can’t afford that, so it has to rely on other means–the [Sundance] festival is one of them.”

This year’s Sundance Film Festival runs in Park City Utah from January 20 to 30. Visit for more on the event, or head over to for more on the Sundance Channel.

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