The Nightmare Before Christmas - 3DFor weeks now I’ve been excited about the fact that Disney was going to be re-releasing Tim Burton‘s Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D, but I couldn’t figure out why the only screenings being held for it were in Woodbridge. Today I found out why though – it’s because the film isn’t even going to be released to a cinema inside Toronto. The only places it’s playing in the GTA are Woodbridge, Mississauga, and Scarborough.

Kind of sucks for anyone who loves the film – and I’d think there are a lot of people in Toronto who would like to see it but won’t want to trek out to Square One. I guess Disney must figure the film won’t fill cinemas often enough for downtown Toronto, but it’s kind of shocking. It’s basically one of my favorite fall films, and it might actually be Burton’s best film if you ask me.

As a huge fan though, I’m just happy to know it’s close enough that I can get to it at some point. I just wish it was in a cinema where I might go see it a couple of times. Any other Nightmare fans out there have a thought on this?

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