New Line has been one of my favorite film companies for years – they’ve been involved in one way or another with some of my all time favorite films – from Evil Dead and Dark City to Pleasantville and well, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Over the years I’ve heard a few problems they’ve had, but it didn’t mean much to me. Now though I just can’t understand what they’re thinking. According to Guardian Unlimited New Line has officially ditched Academy-frickin’-Award winning Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh, the people who made Lord of the Rings the success it became, from any future Rings projects.

Yep – that includes The Hobbit.

I understand that New Line and Jackson/Walsh are fighting right now (apparently New Line is supposed to owe the duo a lot of cash from Rings still), but come on, if the man who just made your film company millions upon millions of dollars wants to do another film – you hand it over. NOW.

There’s another side to this – I can pretty much guarantee that the fans are gonna backlash on this, and that any wannabe director you pull in to do future LOTR films is gonna suck, and suck huge.

My advice? Settle with Jackson and Walsh, beg for forgiveness, and accept the piles of cash they can make for you at the cost of whatever they want in return.

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