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The Power Inside

Sponsored Video: ‘The Power Inside’ – Episode 1

What is going on in Hollywood, and why does it involve moustaches and unibrows from outer space? In the first episode from The Power Inside, an interactive social film from directors Will Speck and Josh Gordon, a meteor crashes into the Hollywood hills unleashing something clearly just a little bit evil (the glowing red eyes are a big giveaway).
Serebro Mama Lover

Video Hits: Serebro’s “Mama Lover”

If it wasn't for my trip to Italy this summer, I probably wouldn't even know who Serebro were, but in Europe, the girls are a big deal. Their video for "Mama Lover," their biggest hit, and one of the biggest singles to ever come out of Russia, has been seen millions of times on YouTube, and the song is totally fun and infectious.