Runaway by Kanye West
Lest we forget that Kanye West is the most flamboyantly dramatic entertainer in the industry, he reminds us with his brand new 35 minute-long short film, Runaway (click above to watch). Starring himself (of course) and Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks, the film is narrated by Nicki Minaj (in a British accent, with a few signature snarls thrown in for good measure) with Pusha T, Bon Iver and Rihanna lending their vocals throughout. Yeah yeah, it’s everything you’d expect a 35 minute short film by Kanye West to be: indulgent, reeking of artistic pretension and…actually kind of entertaining.

If you’re not interested enough to watch it in its entirety, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Kanye drives through a forest when a massive fire ball comes raining down from the sky and smashes into his Tatra.
  • Not a fire ball. Actually a Phoenix (as in the mystical bird…or comic book character, take your pick).
  • Kanye carries the injured bird woman to his pad and catches her watching TV. Here he utters his first words, with the charismatic line delivery of Tracy Jordan.
    “First rule in this world, baby: don’t pay attention to anything you see in the news.”
  • She crawls around naked in his backyard with a sheep and a few turkeys for a bit.
  • FIREWORKS!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kanye takes his Phoenix to some sort of midnight parade consisting of a marching band, a giant paper mache head of Michael Jackson and…the KKK?
  • Kanye tries to have tea with his new girlfriend, but she struggles with the concept of a cup.
  • All this is in preparation of a fancy dinner party….in an abandoned warehouse, I guess.
  • She still hasn’t grasped the general idea behind a tea cup. Is this some sort of modern retelling of My Fair Lady? This is definitely some sort of modern retelling of My Fair Lady.
  • Kanye’s video for the single, Runaway is shown.
  • The main course is served. Ha! It’s a bird.
  • Phoenix flips shit.
  • Phoenix has a meaningful sit-down with Kanye and we hear her speak for the first time. “You know what I hate most about your world? Anything that is different, you try to change. You try to tear it down.” She then explains that she must go back to her world and burn because I guess that’s what Phoenixes do.
  • There is more awkward dialogue.
    “No. I’ll never let you burn.”
  • Inter-species sex scene.
  • MORE FIREWORKS!!!!!!!!! This time they’re symbolic! Gross!
  • Kanye wakes up, Phoenix is missing. Oldest trick in the book.
  • She went to go rise up from some ashes, fly back to her own world.
  • FIN

Bottom line: the film’s pretty “meh”. It’s visually stunning at times and the ballerina scene as well as the Power jam session are captivating, but the music stands out as some of his best work and that’s ultimately what redeems it.

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