Stephen Dando-Collins: First Citizen of Ancient Rome

Dando-Collins is doing for ancient Rome and its characters in novels what Rome did for TV viewers – only Dando-Collins has taken in many steps further thanks to his tireless and extensive research and an ingenious writing style that takes the reader inside the day to day existences of everyone from Julius Caesar to the average Roman citizen. I had the wonderful opportunity of asking Mr. Dando-Collins about his work recently – about his fascination for the period and why he thinks others seem interested in what went on in ancient Rome as well.

Katie Rox her way to solo career

Things have changed a bit since the last time I spoke to singer and songwriter Katie B, who you might know as Katie Rox. She’s been on an adventure few artists get to enjoy, and it all came very early in her career. Signed as the lead singer for the rock band Jakalope after an audition at the music studio she worked, Katie toured as far away as Japan with the group, released a number of popular singles, and they were even nominated for a handful of awards.

Filmmaker Perspectives: Doug Karr’s ‘Ten For Grandpa’

There’s a certain safety to making a film culled from the ether of imagined reality. Your idiosyncratic characters are sewn together from the mist of imagination so there’s less risk of real people becoming insulted, angry, hurt, litigious or even homicidal as a result of your fictional film. For some strange reason, I decided to stray from those sheltered waters recently by writing a new narrative film based on the life of my grandfather, David Karr.