Kevin Wallace

Kevin Wallace’s Lordly Dream

Since 2001 J.R.R. Tolkien‘s epic The Lord of the Rings has been a hot topic from one side of the world to the other. Peter Jackson’s gigantic trilogy certainly had a lot to do with the renewed interest, but that interest has been sustained far longer than your average film. Then again, this isn’t just any story – this is one of the English language’s most compelling tales, and so it only makes sense that someone should endeavor to take that story even further.

That someone happens to be England’s own Kevin Wallace.

The Terry Gilliam Interview

There is a mythological character by the name of Sisyphus whose gig was to be condemned throughout eternity to role a giant rock up the side of a mountain only to have it role back down to the ground just as he was about to reach the summit causing Sisyphus to begin the process all over again.

Mention that to filmmaker Terry Gilliam and he’ll nod in familiarity as it sounds a lot like the way his career has gone over the last twenty odd years.

An interview with Elmore Leonard

Elmore “Dutch” Leonard is one of the most prolific of modern day crime writers. He is now deep into his seventies and has managed to retain the reputation as being one of the coolest writers on earth. He has had over 30 different movies and television shows made from his works, some good (Jackie Brown, Out of Sight, Get Shorty), some bad (The Big Bounce), and some ugly (Stick). Leonard is known for his naturally eccentric characters and dialogue.

Mickey Rourke rising

Just ask Johnny Depp or Sean Penn or Brad Pitt about Mickey Rourke and you’ll get an earful of animated praise for Rourke and his work.

From the time Rourke announced his presence on the movie map with a very cool supporting role in Body Heat as an ex-con named Teddy who is teaching his lawyer how to build an incendiary device for an arson the lawyer is planning to commit through his role as the mysterious John in the erotic 9 ½ Weeks Rourke displayed that kind of detached cool that every two-bit punk actor in Hollywood has been trying to imitate for the past twenty years.

An Interview with Annie Dufresne

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve become untrustworthy on the subject of Annie Dufresne. With most artists I can maintain a certain amount of objectivity, but for the past 6 months I will admit to being a hardcore Annie fan. It’s not just about her looks though (although, come on… most heterosexual males would be hard pressed to say she isn’t a ‘babe’). She’s got enough talent in her baby finger to make Celine Dion look like a 3rd rate annoyance.

Sarah Slean, New Age Angel

Sarah Hope Slean has dreamed of driving with J.D. Salinger, lusted after cellists, had her version of “Julia” played by Our Lady Peace, and was recently signed to a major record label deal with Atlantic Records (in the U.S.) and Warner Music (in Canada). Her music is a thoughtful mix of melody and inspiration that is as much act of love as passion. She builds each song up like an urban concerto, more so than many of her counterparts. So what’s next for Miss. Slean? It looks like stardom.

Interview with Emm Gryner

Hailing from Forest, Ontario, Emm Gryner has launched her third album, Science Fair, and is already receiving critical acclaim for her best work yet. Some people may have wondered what would happen after she lost her record deal to the Universal take-over of Mercury Records, but they needn’t have worried. She’s going to do it herself.