Sponsored Video: Strellson presents Make Yourself Unstoppable

by W. Andrew Powell
Strellson: Don't Stop Me Now

How do you make yourself unstoppable? It’s all about being self-assured, and blazing a trail in the world, at least according to premium fashion brand Strellson‘s latest campaign that celebrates Freddie Mercury’s 70th birthday with a rendition of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”.

Producer MNEK covers the classic track with directors Wolf & Lamm (Joffrey Jans and Kai Kurve) bringing Strellson’s message to life with fresh, inspired fashion, and visuals that are nothing short of eye-popping, and totally off-the-wall in the best way possible. It’s like sugar coated dreams of what a night on the town should look like, at least according to a music video.

As a queen fan, I can say it’s a fantastic version of the song, and the star of the video really does look a lot like Mercury with the singer’s iconic mustache.

But the video, even with the perfectly wonderful absurdity, is really all about the clothes, which are what any man-about-town would want to be wearing when he’s trying to make the best impression. Think MTV Video Awards red carpet, or upscale cocktails in Manhattan. Or maybe the most fantastic clothes for the most fantastic date.

Between the music and the wild scenes, you really can’t look away, and the effect is effortless. I can only imagine the work that went into the video to make it looks this easy, but you can’t help but feel inspired watching and listening to the tune.

So, watch away, my friends, and then give Strellson some credit for the epic campaign that defines what the brand wants to inspire: charming self-assurance and unwavering determination with truly authentic fashion.

The clothes make the man, as they say, but as you’ll see, the man also makes the clothes.

Strellson was founded in 1985 and now distributes their clothes to over 40 countries including Canada, France, and the United States, with over 120 shop-in-shops around the world.

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This story was sponsored by Strellson, but all thoughts are my own.

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