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Happy National Iced Tea Day with Mad Jack

Mad Jack Hard Iced Tea

Mad Jack Hard Iced Tea

Iced tea and summer go together like BBQ and steak, and since today is officially National Iced Tea Day, it feels like the unofficial start of summer.

Being a sucker for a good iced tea, especially on a warm day, on a patio, I’ll happily try any new iced tea, any time, and Mad Jack was very kind to send me over their new Hard Flavoured Iced Tea, with an awesome kit to help enjoy the best of summer.

Mad Jack Hard Flavoured Iced Tea is crisp and delicious, with a nice balance of both citrus flavour and sweetness, and it’s great right out of a can or served on ice. Made from all natural flavours, the hard iced tea is nicely subtle, in terms of alcohol content, with just 5% alcohol for an easy-drinking alternative to beer or wine.

The Mad Jack kit they sent me included a cooler backpack, with five cans of Hard Flavoured Iced Tea, plus Snapchat Spectacles, a drink cozy for the hard iced tea, and the backpack has a pretty big built-in wireless speaker that sounds fantastic. I’m going camping soon, and I can’t wait to bring all of it along.

Check out my current Instagram Story for a video from my Spectacles. Mad Jack’s Hard Flavoured Iced Tea is available now at beer retailers across Canada.

Mad Jack cooler backpack
Wireless speaker
Snapchat Spectacles
Mad Jack Hard Flavoured Iced Tea
Mad Jack Iced Tea and Spectacles
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