Omii Thompson

ReelWorld: Interview with Omii Thompson for ‘Modern Romance: The Affair’

by Angela Walcott

Talented filmmakers from around the world converged at the 13th Annual ReelWorld Film Festival in Toronto recently to discuss their latest works. Read the interview with filmmaker Omii Thompson about his new film Modern Romance: The Affair.

Angela Walcott: How would you describe your film?

OMMI THOMPSON:Modern Romance: The Affair is a story about a guy who meets the object of his desire and is living in the moment. We are shooting it as if it is a battle. The theme is a trilogy of films to come and this is a romance from a male point of view.”

AW: What approach did you take while making this film?

OMMI THOMPSON: “It’s a departure of old-school values–how we do it today. This one is about desire, the next disparity and the third is about hope.”

AW: Did you study film?

OMMI THOMPSON: “My background is animation. In animation we learn a lot of the same skills. In terms of making films you draw with animation. The transition was pretty easy in terms of working
with live actors.”

AW: What did you learn?

OMMI THOMPSON: “I learned that I will never act again. I acted in this. Acting, directing and storybooking–I learned a lot and I had a great cinematographer friend of mine. I learned a lot from him.”

AW: Have you been to the festival before?

OMMI THOMPSON: “This is my first time attending ReelWorld. It is great that it gives emerging artists a chance to have films shown in public. My Romance is Dead starts filming next summer/early fall and it is more of a dark fantasy. In the first film I did the writing and directing and in the second I had two other writing partners. I will be directing this third one.”

Watch the trailer:

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