Top 25 Canadian TV shows of all time

by W. Andrew Powell
Top 25 Best Canadian Shows

The votes are in and our readers have picked the top 25 Canadian TV series of all. The list covers some of the most beloved shows ever made in the country, starring some of the most incredible Canadians of all time.

Our readers took the Canadian TV quiz to see how many Canadian shows they had seen, and we tallied up the results to create this list of TV greats.

From drama to comedy, hockey, family shows, and morning television, there’s a wide range of series and eras covered in Canada’s best.

Without further ado, here are the top 25 Canadian TV series of all time.

#25 – The Beachcombers

#24 – Trailer Park Boys

#23 – Due South

#22 – Degrassi Junior High

#21 – Anne of Green Gables

#20 – Murdoch Mysteries

#19 – The Littlest Hobo

#18 – Red Green Show

#17 – Kim’s Convenience

#16 – Baroness Von Sketch Show

#15 – SCTV

#14 – Fraggle Rock

#13 – Breakfast Television

#12 – Royal Canadian Air Farce

#11 – Hockey Night In Canada

#10 – The Nature of Things

#9 – Corner Gas

#8 – Dragons Den

#7 – The Kids In the Hall

#6 – Just For Laughs

#5 – Orphan Black

#4 – Mr. Dressup

#3 – Rick Mercer Report

#2 – This Hour Has 22 Minutes

#1 – Schitt’s Creek

The cast of Schitt's Creek at the 2016 Canadian Screen Awards
The cast of Schitt’s Creek at the 2016 Canadian Screen Awards

There are few shows that are as distinctly Canadian as Schitt’s Creek. And on top of being so Canadian, the series also had the perfect cast, the funniest characters, and the most original stories. Dan Levy and Eugene Levy helped create a perfect series with stars Catherine O’Hara, Annie Murphy, Jennifer Robertson, Emily Hampshire, and Tim Rozon, to name a few.

And Schitt’s Creek was so incredible that it also became a hit in the United States and around the world, earning dozens of trophies at the Canadian Screen Awards, the Critics’ Choice Television Awards, the Emmy Awards, and the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Stream the hit Canadian series on Netflix.

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