Joe Dolman

Watch: Joe Dolman’s “Close To Home”

There is nothing quite like a heart-felt acoustic single, and Joe Dolman’s “Close To Home” is tender, and sweet, and ultimately a sad, but uplifting song that has a message. “Just give me one more moment, keep your arms open, I know it seems it, but I’m not broken…” he sings, and it’s not hard to hear the painful side of the song for Dolman.

W. Andrew Powell is BULLIT

W. Andrew Powell stars in BULLITT (sorta)

Bullitt was an iconic classic film starring Steve McQueen and featuring an incredible co-star, the 1968 Ford Mustang fastback. Now, Ford is honouring that classic car, and the film, with the brand new Mustang Bullitt, and I had a chance to get behind the wheel and drive away (okay, not really) for a few minutes at the Canadian International Auto Show.

Fresh Indies Vol 4 Feb 2018

Fresh Indies Vol. 4: Manila Killa, Until Home, Hænrik, Art of Shades, Jacob Steele & Vanita Joines

This week, in Fresh Indies Volume 4, I’m featuring music from six massively talented artists: the addictive Manila Killa with “Everyday Everyday”, Until Home’s catchy “Run to You”, Hænrik’s rock ballad “If This Ain’t Love”, Art of Shades loungey “Undone”, Jacob Steele’s dance-floor ready “Move Like Me”, and Vanita Joines’s brooding “Second Skin”.