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Sea of Thieves

Pirates are cool. Forget about the scurvy, the diseases, and the risk to life and limb--the life of old timey pirates looks badass, and Rare's Sea of Thieves is an attempt to put a comic spin on that cool factor, and let you live out the joy of the high seas with a group of friends.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 filming on the coast in San Diego

Like a lot of people, my phone comes with me everywhere, and it's my go-to device for capturing the moment. From events, to travel, and heading to the park with my family, my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is my favorite device for photos and video because of its dual cameras, loads of features, and great performance in all kinds of lighting conditions.

Samsung Connected Home

Twenty years ago, our vision of the future was pretty spectacular, and obviously way, way off. Where are our jetpacks, hoverboards, flying cars, and robots? What I love though is that the future is starting to look easier and more comfortable, without any of the wacky new gadgets we might have dreamed about. If you want an example of that, just look at the Samsung Connected Home, a space that Samsung Canada set up at their head office to show off the possibilities for a smart and connected home.