Spencer Lord on joining Heartland and playing Nathan Pryce Jr.

by W. Andrew Powell

Actor Spencer Lord spoke with me on the set of Heartland season 17, and shared what it was like playing Nathan Pryce Jr., joining the large, ensemble cast, and learning to ride a horse.

“Nathan Price is a neighbouring rancher,” Lord said. “His family’s been in the area for a generation or two, and he sort of disappeared for a while–about 20 years ago or so–and he ends up coming back and he has ties to the family. So that ends up sort of causing a little bit of turmoil.”

Starting out, Lord mentioned that his character is technically closest to Lou, when we meet him. “But at this point, he’s been gone for so long that he doesn’t really have anybody that he’s close to in town. So he’s a bit of a lone ranger, I’d say.”

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Watch season 17 of Heartland on CBC in Canada, Sundays.

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