Review: Tag

The high concept “based on a true story” comedy Tag starts off refreshingly like a more genteel and heartfelt reworking of The Hangover, but gradually the film’s manic energy, goodwill, and creativity starts getting chipped away thanks to an emerging mean streak that threatens to derail everything likable.

Review: Superfly

Although lacking in the grit and stakes of Gordon Parks Jr.’s 1972 blaxploitation classic, music video veteran Director X’s modernist updating of Superfly for the trap rap era isn’t without certain charms.

Review: Becoming Who I Was

A quietly restrained emotional rollercoaster contained within an in-depth sociological case study, the documentary Becoming What I Was offers a look into the scars left behind for an entire uprooted and banished culture and how even the most seemingly serene of religions can be imperfect and borderline unjust.

Review: Incredibles 2

On an entertainment level, Incredibles 2 is the most satisfying major studio blockbuster of the summer movie season thus far. On a storytelling level, it’s a sequel that’s virtually on par with the original. And on a technical level, it’s Pixar’s most elaborate and gorgeous achievement to date.

Review: Alex Strangelove

Although comparisons to the similarly queer themed teenage rom-com Love, Simon from earlier this year are inevitable, writer-director Craig Johnson’s raunchier Netflix original film Alex Strangelove has more in common with the American Pie franchise than John Hughes, and that shift from gentility to risqué behaviour works greatly in its favour.