Hot Docs Hot Tips – Day 4 – Sunday, April 30

The votes for the Audience Awards at this year's Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival have been coming in, and six of the top ten vote-getters so far this year have been some of our top picks. Here are five more from today's day four line-up that we hope are destined for similar critical and audience acclaim.

Start the revolution: an interview with ‘Hobbyhorse Revolution’ director Selma Vilhunen

For her latest feature film, Hobbyhorse Revolution (which makes its North American premiere at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival in Toronto this week) Oscar nominated Finnish filmmaker Selma Vilhunen turned her attention to an unusual, growing, fun, and empowering subculture of teen hobbyhorse enthusiasts who take everyday toys and turn them into tools for a unique hobby.

Hot Docs Hot Tips – Day 3 – Saturday, April 29

The first of two weekends at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival (running to May 7th) brings even more high profile film premieres that showcase some of the best non-fiction filmmaking in the world, special events galore, and plenty of opportunities to learn things you never knew before. Saturday's stacked Hot Docs schedule is no exception, so here now are five things that you won't want to miss at the festival today, all but one of which has a distinctly Canadian connection.

Work and Play: a talk with ‘The Workers Cup’ filmmaker Adam Sobel

For his debut feature, filmmaker and journalist Adam Sobel set his lens upon the set up for one of the biggest events in the world. For The Workers Cup, screening this week at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival in Toronto, Sobel looks at migrant workers in Qatar who are working to build the infrastructure and stadiums needed for the country to host the esteemed World Cup in 2022.

Keeping up with Ken: an interview with ‘Playing God’ director Karin Jurschick

For the documentary Playing God, making its world premiere at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival this week, German documentarian and journalist Karin Jurschick takes a close look at American lawyer Ken Feinberg, who has one of the hardest jobs in the world: determining financial compensation for victims and claimants who have been through unspeakable tragedies.

Hot Docs 2017 Hot Tips – Day 2 – Friday, April 28

Following last night’s opening night festivities, the 24th annual Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival (running through May 7th) kicks into high gear today with the first full day of programming, and a lot of high profile festival premieres. Looking for some suggestions? Here are a few films we’ve been able to catch already that should be on your radar, even if you aren’t able to catch them at the festival today.

Hot Docs 2017 Hot Tips – Day 1 -Thursday, April 27

The 24th annual Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival kicks off today in Toronto and runs through May 7th. Every day we'll be picking our top five must see films from the line-up. Here are your best bets from today's opening night selections.

Review: the documentary ‘Citizen Jane: Battle for the City’

Many Torontonians with a vested or even passing interest in city planning issues are already familiar with the work of writer, activist, and speaker Jane Jacobs, particularly her pivotal role in the cancellation of the Spadina Expressway upon her moving here. Matt Tyrnauer’s documentary Citizen Jane: Battle for the City brings her time in Canada up a bit at the end, but focuses predominantly on her early years as a journalist and activist in New York City during the 1960s, painting a well researched look back at her dogged battles with influential city planner and developer Robert Moses.