Review: ‘T2 Trainspotting,’ starring Ewan McGregor and Jonny Lee Miller

It sounds clichéd and trite, but T2 Trainspotting is a sequel that shows an unforced, natural progression of the characters from its predecessor. All good sequels should do that, but few actually achieve it with the grace, ease, wit, and poignancy that director Danny Boyle does here in this follow-up to his beloved 1996 adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s countercultural bestselling novel.

Review: ‘Table 19,’ starring Anna Kendrick and Lisa Kudrow

I’m sure at one point the well cast ensemble comedy Table 19 showed a lot more potential on the page than the final results suggest. It’s the kind of film where immediately one can tell there’s a disconnect between the script, the performances, and the direction, suggesting that while the results are entertaining at times, no one was on the same page.

City Beat Volume 1: March 2, 2017

In this new bi-weekly column, we take a look at some awesome cultural events happening in the city of Toronto over the next couple of weeks that you won’t want to miss. This week we take a look at a breathtaking spectacle of performance art, a cultural film festival entering its seventh year, and a series of panels and courses for budding filmmakers led by an industry veteran.

Review: ‘Logan,’ starring Hugh Jackman

An ultraviolent, but suitable presumed send-off for Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine, Logan tries to once again differentiate itself from the franchise it spawned from and similarly ends up with mixed results.

Review: the music history documentary ‘Bang! The Bert Berns Story’

Bang! The Bert Berns Story, the March selection for Hot Docs’ monthly Doc Soup subscription series of screenings, bears all the hallmarks of a film made by people too close to their subject to make an objective documentary. It’s an earnest, eager to please film about the short, but highly influential carer of record producer and publisher Bert Berns; one that places the focus squarely on the hit parade he produced across his truncated career, but any time the hitmaker’s darker tendencies get brought up, they’re just as quickly shifted to the side.

HomeGATE: 3 film festival favourites now avalable at home

In this edition of our bi-weekly home viewing column we take a look at the buzzworthy dark comedy I don’t feel at home in this world anymore., the critically acclaimed British horror thriller The Girl with All the Gifts, and one of the most underrated Canadian films of last year, the low-fi How Heavy This Hammer; all of which made big waves at festivals on the festival circuit this past year.