Review: ‘The Skyjacker’s Tale,’ a documentary by Jamie Kastner

For his latest documentary, The Skyjacker’s Tale, Canadian filmmaker Jamie Kastner takes a brisk, well researched look at a fascinating, multilayered bit of true crime lore. Not only does Kastner have a riveting tale of one fugitive’s flight from justice by way of one of the most brazen getaways in aviation history, but also a nuanced, eye-opening look at race relations in the 1970s and 80s.

Review: ‘xXx: Return of Xander Cage,’ starring Vin Diesel

Return of Xander Cage isn’t a great film, but it’s one that has learned good lessons from past mistakes. More Mission: Impossible and less James Bond 2.0, this third entry in the series has boundless energy, some nifty moments of invention, and an international minded cast that oozes charisma by the truckload.

Review: ‘Split,’ starring James McAvoy

There’s a long list of ways in which M. Night Shyamalan’s latest thriller, Split, could have gone horribly wrong, but thanks to outstanding work by James McAvoy and a script that's surprisingly thoughtful it's just crazy enough to work.

Review: ‘Sieranevada,’ a film by Cristi Puiu

Romanian filmmaker Cristi Puiu’s family drama Sieranevada asks a lot of the audience with its claustrophobic feeling and nearly three hour long running time, but it’s so observant and realistic that anyone who has been in a similarly awkward and unpleasant situation to the one being depicted will already know more or less what’s in store.

TIFF’s Canada’s Top Ten starts 2017 off right

After a lackluster year for Canadian features in 2016, we're proud to look at the ten worthy features selected for this year's TIFF sponsored Canada's Top Ten, running from January 13th to the 26th at TIFF Bell Lightbox, and talk about why they get Canadian cinema off to a great start in 2017.

Review: ‘Mostly Sunny,’ a documentary about Sunny Leone

Mostly Sunny, a documentary about porn star turned Bollywood heavyweight Sunny Leone by Canadian filmmaker Dilip Mehta, isn’t a look at a human being. It’s a look at a rigidly controlled brand that’s being dictated by the film;s subject to a filmmaker that doesn’t know what to do with it (or one who has given up out of frustration).

Review: ‘California Typewriter,’ a documentary by Doug Nichol

The documentary California Typewriter takes a look at one Berkeley repair shop's role in the resurgence of typewriting culture - amid a plethora of celebrities talking about their love for their old school machines - but it gets bogged down by the weight of too many anecdotes and not enough substance.