Review: Never-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki

Although one holds out hope that a more thorough and engrossing documentary could be made in the future about one of the most brilliant, popular, and lauded animators to ever live, the slight, moderately illuminating Never-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki does offer some insight into the artist’s semi-retirement and fluctuating career.

Review: Anna

If the ongoing whirlwind of scandals that surround his private and business life aren’t enough to sink the career of once lauded French filmmaker Luv Besson for good, the laughable, shoddy ineptitude and pervasive creepiness of his latest directorial effort, Anna, should seal the deal.

Review: Gaza

Gaza, an equally heartwarming and heartbreaking documentary by Gary Keane and Andrew McConnell, looks at the hopes, dreams, frustration, and sadness that encompasses everyday life in one of the world’s most isolated places.

Review: Toy Story 4

Although it certainly seemed like a franchise that reached a natural, heartwarming conclusion a few years ago, Toy Story 4 genially and entertainingly proves that its titular playthings still have some mileage left in them.