Review: Annihilation

Alex Garland’s trippy, elliptical, and often purposefully evasive sci-fi thriller Annihilation envelops unsuspecting viewers not only into a world they’ve never witnessed before, but a state of mind that’s rarely been experienced in cinema outside of Kubrick or Tarkovsky.

Review: Game Night

Although it’s built upon an outrageous and patently implausible plot that won’t appeal to viewers looking for anything remotely resembling realism, the dark comedy Game Night will appeal to anyone willing to unplug for 100 minutes in service of some strong belly laughs delivered by an expertly cast group of actors.

Review: My Piece of the City

A well meaning, suitably uplifting, but slight and narrowly focused look at youth putting on a testament to their unfairly maligned Toronto community, the documentary My Piece of the City has a great idea, plenty of relatable people to follow around, and barely enough narrative depth to hold together.

Review: ‘Early Man’

Early Man, the latest stop motion animated effort from venerable British animation studio Aardman (Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run, Shaun the Sheep Movie), is charming and sure to delight youngsters, but also disappointing when placed alongside the company’s otherwise stellar output.