Zwilling Enfinigy Glass Programmable Electric Kettle giveaway

by W. Andrew Powell

In honour of Mothers’s Day, The GATE is thrilled to partner with Zwilling to give away something special.

Elevate your morning tea with the Zwilling Enfinigy Glass Programmable Electric Kettle. With a custom stainless steel tea insert, simply pour your tea, set the built-in timer and wait. With a range of 0 to 10 minutes, tailored to your tea type, you’ll pour the perfect cup every time. Once steeped to perfection, remove the tea insert effortlessly with the push-button holder in the lid. Need to pause your tea time? The keep-warm function maintains your brew’s temperature for up to 30 minutes.

Offered in a sleek and elegant black or silver, this kettle seamlessly blends into any kitchen aesthetic. Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with Zwilling Enfinigy – the ultimate companion for your daily routine.

Good luck, everyone!

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