DJ & actress Martina Bosede moves to Toronto during the pandemic

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Martina Bosede

Martina Bosede moved to Toronto in September 2021 from Dublin, Ireland. Her career includes several impressive DJ gigs and she was featured on MTV Base for her DJ mixing skills.

“Moving to another country during the pandemic was quite challenging. I’m settled now and I couldn’t be happier. Although I had to wait for a year to get my work permit approved because of the pandemic, I was delighted when I finally got it.”

Martina has just passed her 3-month mark living in Toronto and has already had some amazing DJ gigs.

“I’m so grateful to be gigging here because all of the clubs are closed in Ireland. I hadn’t played in almost 2 years. I lived in London just before the pandemic for 9 years doing a lot of DJing, TV hosting and modelling. My first event in Toronto was for Sporting Life x Nobis with Simu Liu! Since then I’ve gone on to DJ for Coach and Tiffany & Co as well as some private events.”

On living in Toronto:

‘Toronto is such a great city. I love it here! Canadians are so friendly and helpful. The weather is quite cold, I’ve never seen this much snow. I never thought I’d live in a cold country but here I am and I love snow. It’s so pretty! I’ve never been skiing and I’m excited to try it!”

“My uncle lives in Barrie and my two cousins live in Toronto. It’s so great to have family here!”

“Alongside my DJing, I’m excited to do some acting auditions. I recently signed with Ritter Talent Agency and can’t wait to see what happens here!”

Upcoming DJ gigs:

“I’ll be playing at The Moscow Tea Room in Yorkville for New Year’s Eve and in D Bar in the Four Seasons Hotel in Yorkville on January 7th.”

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