Ryan Kotack

ReelWorld: Interview with Ryan Kotack for ‘The New Domain’

by Angela Walcott

The short film industry has made an impact on filmmakers and audiences alike. Actor, writer and director Ryan Kotack talks about his involvement in the ReelWorld Film Festival.

Angela Walcott: Tell me a bit about your film.

RYAN KOTACK:The New Domain is part of nine short films. All filmmakers were asked to think of three questions. What is love, who is generation Y and what is Canadian identity. We had to develop nine short films that explored these questions. They didn’t answer the questions, so that people who attended ReelWorld could formulate the answers themselves. The YA shorts is a new brand.”

AW: What sort of impact has ReelWorld had on the film industry?

RYAN KOTACK: “Last year a member submitted a film that went on to TIFF and Cannes so any film festival is seen as something you can build upon. You can say oh now this ReelWorld, where can I go from here and where can that take me? I am a writer, director and actor. That is what I do in The New Domain. It offers a great perspective particularly from an actor’s standpoint you are added like a last ingredient to a Pad Thai. As a writer, director or producer you are a main ingredient really. It is a nice experience because you get an idea of how these filmmakers sacrifice themselves from day one. The features could be in development for two to three years so people invested so much of themselves in these films so it is good to see them come to fruition.”

AW: How did you raise funds for the project?

RYAN KOTACK: “When we were doing fundraisers we said it was for a festival that promotes multiculturalism, and Canadian identity. Major sponsors were First Weekend Club, Wellington Brewery and TD Canada Trust joined. As long as we said that what we were doing was promoting Canadian identity, people were on board.”

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