The Corrs @ The Air Canada Centre, Toronto

by Guest

Monday, August 30, 2004

Irish pop group The Corrs performed in Toronto last night for an enthusiastic crowd that couldn’t get enough of the band’s celtic-inspired sound. As part of a tour to support of their new CD Borrowed Heaven, the band had only made one other stop in Canada, and after not touring for some time many fans were more than eager to see where the band was today.

The extremely frigid theatre-style concert venue of the Air Canada Centre, preparing for the World Cup of Hockey, already with ice in place, covered with flooring, had fans tapping their feet and periodically clapping in attempts to stay warm and in anticipation of the highly awaited last show of the North American Corrs Tour.

At 9:15 the dimming house lights – and sudden haunting music, brought peels of screams and thunderous applause. Anything but “Humdrum” – the sound spellbinding.

Stage lights up and Sharon – stage left appeared angelic, long blonde hair glistening, dressed in tight black tank, a black flowery gypsy skirt and black boots – fiddle in hand. Jim – stage right, casually dressed and looking comfortable fingers gracing the guitar. The talented Jason Duffy, brother of Keith on bass, replaced Caroline (who is expecting a child in October). Andrea – center stage – a waif of slight figure, glistened in wee Dorothyesque sparkling sandals, form fitting wine top and light green calf length flouncey skirt. Truly a vision with mischievous eyes.

Andrea’s voice blended beautifully with sister Sharon’s violin, Jim’s guitar and keyboard and flowing backup vocals. Entrancing audience and press photographers Andrea was, without a doubt, the “center” of the siblings – the center of the show. She frequently skipped around the stage, seemingly an innocent fairy – while exuding tantalizing and sensuous sways, as she ran her fingers through her hair.

The crowd was now certainly not feeling the cold as the heat of the Corrs siblings swept over the exuberant audience.

Song List:
1. “Humdrum”
2. “Only When I Sleep”
3. “Dreams”
4. “What Can I Do”
5. “Forgiven Not Forgotten”
6. “Angel”
7. “Runaway”
8. “Return From Fingal”
9. “Borrowed Heaven”
10. “No Frontiers”
11. “Queen Of Hollywood”
12. “Long Night”
13. “Stars Go Blue”
14. “Radio”
15. “Summer Sunshine”
16. “So Young”
17. “Anyway”
18. “Goodbye”

“Toss The Feathers”

Andrea speaking of this last show of the North American tour uttered, “We have to make it memorable.” And so they did. Flawlessly executing and bringing their own Celtic flavour to Fleetwood Macs “Dreams” the crowd is once more absorbed and on their feet in applause.

“Forgiven Not Forgotten” the “Angel” removes her shoes, prancing barefoot, sensuously encircling the stage and siblings.

Highlights of the show were certainly the instrumental “Return From Fingal” which gave opportunity for Sharon’s magical fiddle, Jim’s guitar licks and Andrea’s Tin Whistle. The audience was quick to their feet jigging in fine Irish style.

Sharon took center stage, seated upon a stool beautifully executing “No Frontier” written by Jimmy McCarthy, accompanied by accordion and piano.

“Runaway”, a signature song had the audience filling the ACC with the chorus. Andrea uttered, “It’s good in Toronto.”

Throughout, the stage lighting was low key – but that was all that was necessary – the Corrs shone their own brilliance. All that was necessary.

After the two-song encore and waves goodbye, two fortunate crowd members were recipients of Jim’s pick and one of Andrea’s famous tin whistles.

This writer spoke to a number of attendees, almost all ranked the show from eight to ten out of ten to twelve from an ardent fan from Dublin.

For me, it ranked a 7.5.

Before the show, this writer had the opportunity to meet members of the Corrs Fan Club. Donned in Black Corrs t-shirts and jackets designed in Dublin the fans came to the ACC after a meet and greet of adoring Corrs lovers.

Norma – attending her ninth show, Lisa – her second, the first in Dublin, Dennis – 18th show, T.J. Trevor – his ninth show. Both fellows will follow their idols throughout the European leg of the tour. Thy greatly suggested that fans visit and post on the Corrs fan board at These fortunate fans were seated in the first two rows, center stage.

Review by Irene Koncius
All Photos Copyright W. Andrew Powell – August 2004

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