Review: Cats

I was a little nervous about reviewing Cats. I’m not a critic–just a simple lover of musicals, cats, and musicals about cats. But it turns out I didn’t have anything to worry about because Cats is impossible to review.

Woofstock 2018

Victor the pooch samples the best of Woofstock

Just like its namesake predecessor, participants at Woofstock in Toronto’s Woodbine Park need to pee freely. Good thing Woofstock is outside. Unlike Woodstock, though, participants aren’t fee loving hippies but fee spirited dogs–fur babies to many canine crazy pup parents heading to North America’s largest outdoor dog festival this weekend.

Female-fronted podcasts you’re not listening to… but should be

I first fell in love with podcasts in the days of Lost and Battlestar Galactica. Each of those series embraced the medium and had official podcasts hosted by their executive producers that offered more insight into the series. It was like a commentary track but even better, since you didn’t have to wait for the eventual DVD release. I started podcasting in 2008 about the show True Blood, and started a Vampire Diaries podcast the following year. It was a way for a group of fans–and some of us who straddled the line between fandom and TV blogging–to discuss each episode of the show in depth, or talk about theories and predictions.

April Mullen

April Mullen: “Go Be”

I woke with a burning in my soul to scream, GO BE. To the women who have come before, those emerging now and those that will continue to create, I applaud you all with exuberance. This is not to say I overlook or disregard the enormous inequality in our daily lives; but it is time to say, GO BE. GO BE a part of the change you want to see on the screen and in society.