To adapt to changing times, and to create better content, our submission options have changed. Please read the following and select the submission type you would like to send us.

The GATE receives hundreds of press releases and invitations every week, but our time is incredibly limited, and we don’t have the resources to publish as many stories as we would like. That’s why we’re introducing premium submissions.

Premium submissions will ensure we can publish more content. For a small fee, we’ll review every submission we receive, and post something on The GATE if the submission meets our guidelines.

While we will continue to consider all press releases and invitations that we’re sent, we have to focus on revenue options, or The GATE simply will have to stop publishing some categories of content.

Submission Guidelines

Our focus is on music, television, film, food, lifestyle, consumer technology, and travel. For any of these categories, we suggest reviewing what we’ve published in the past to decide if your submission is appropriate.

We prefer shorter, to-the-point submissions, with an image, and a link to a website or more resources.

For products, we prefer to receive items for review, so we can create original content, but we’ll consider news items for upcoming products.

Submissions for other categories, including reviews, gift guides, and sponsored posts are coming soon.

If you want to arrange to submit a number of releases, please use the contact form until we have a submission system ready.