Review: Luce

Although it might be biting off more than it can convincingly chew in a single sitting, the smartly written and exceptionally acted drama Luce is great examination of the muddy nature of modern discourse, human selfishness, race, and societal expectations, among other things.

Review: GLOW Season 3

The third season of one of Netflix’s best original series, GLOW, might strike some of the show’s closest fans and supporters as an unusual change in direction. There’s very little wrestling and silliness for the girls of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling this season, but it’s hardly missed, replaced instead with a lot of character development and intriguingly diverging storylines for all of the core players.

Review: The Farewell

Writer-director Lulu Wang’s autobiographical family drama The Farewell is the rare kind of overwhelmingly honest, carefully observed, and unabashedly emotional filmmaking that words simply can’t do justice because the feelings being expressed throughout are impossible to define with any degree of precision.