A day at the Toronto Zoo

by W. Andrew Powell

I love the Toronto Zoo. Aisha and I go once a year just for kicks and it’s always a lot of fun. This year was a special trip for me though – I’m obsessed with the Siberian Tigers so I couldn’t wait to see the two cubs that were born earlier this year.

Toronto Zoo - Siberian Tigers
Siberian Tigers

They were pretty sleepy throughout most of the day, but we lucked out when we came back near the end of the day and they were up and about with their mother, climbing on her and scampering around.

Toronto Zoo - Siberian Tiger

Of course we saw a lot of other animals. The Indian Rhino was running around with its bowl in its mouth, the two young Przewalski’s Horses were playing, there was a Barbary ape eating a map (sad, but still oddly cute), and the Dhole (also known as the Asiatic wild dog) was pretty cute too.

Toronto Zoo - Przewalski
Przewalski’s Horse

Oh, and the two young Sumatran Tigers were playing with a barrel, before they started jumping and wrestling with their mother. Just didn’t get any good photos of them worth posting.

Anyway, here are more of the photos below. Enjoy!

Toronto Zoo - Barbary ape
Barbary ape

Toronto Zoo - Bunnies in a log
Bunnies in a log

Toronto Zoo - Meerkats

Toronto Zoo - Siberian Tigers
Tiggers again

Toronto Zoo - Siberian Tigers

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