Video: Lindi Ortega’s “Christmas Eve With You”

by W. Andrew Powell
Lindi Ortega - Christmas Eve With You

Over all the years that I’ve been running The GATE, I’ve had the good fortune of meeting a number of very talented musicians, and one of my early favorites was Toronto’s own Lindi Ortega.

I don’t get to see Lindi perform very often these days, but she’s an incredible, passionate singer, and every time one of her songs comes out I can’t help but rush to check it out.

This time, the song I’ve been listening to is Lindi’s devilishly sweet holiday single, “Christmas Eve With You,” which also has a video I decided I had to pass along. Check it out below and make sure to pass Lindi on a little love by picking up her latest album, Little Red Boots.

Lindi Ortega’s “Christmas Eve With You”:

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