In Review: Talking gadgets and technology at CES 2013

CES 2013 - Ice Sculpture

You could call this an experiment, but after my time two weeks ago at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, I had a lot of extra video clips and details that it was hard to sum up into one overall story about the technology event and everything I had seen. I’m still putting together reviews and articles, but the only way that it seemed possible to cover everything properly, was to vlog about it.

For technology junkies, my In Review video offers a few peeks at what I consider some of the most amazing products to be revealed at CES, including video clips and information on offerings from Samsung, LG, Parrot, I’m Watch, Globalgig, Tribeca, Spider, and XI3 computers.

Watch the vlog: CES In Review\\

If you appreciated the video, feel free to leave me a comment or like it over on YouTube. If you hated it, well… feel free to keep that tidbit to yourself for now.

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