Veboli launches streaming recommendations in Canada and the U.S.

by W. Andrew Powell

What are you streaming tonight? There’s a lot of options to pick from, and if you’re having trouble deciding between the thousands of titles streaming now, Veboli is a great way to get some new ideas.

Available now in Canada and the United States, Veboli offers personalized recommendations for Amazon Prime Video, Crave, Disney Plus, hayu, and Netflix, Apple TV Plus, HBO Max, Hulu, plus a number of other streaming services.

Users can sign up for an account to get recommendations, and to rate films to help improve recommendations, or you can get Quick recommendations any time without an account. The new feature lets you find recommendations for movies or series, and users can tailor their picks based on streaming services, genres, keywords, years, and age restrictions.

By creating an account users can rate and review movies and TV series, and they can also create lists of their favourites, and get recommendations for other users, critics, what’s in movie theatres, and more. Users can also follow their friends and critic for more suggestions.

Signing up is free and easy, and takes less than a minute.

Detailed listings for each series and film let users find out more about the cast, similar movies, and read reviews from other users and critics.

For details on Veboli’s streaming recommendations in Canada and the United States, read more on their website. Once you sign up, follow me to see what I’ve been watching and reviewing.

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