Listen Now: Mathew V’s “Broken”

Mathew V

Canadian Mathew V has soul, rock, and rhythm in his blood, and his new single “Broken” blends those styles with a beat that is incredibly addictive.

“Broken”, from his LP The Fifth, coming out on April 6, is an electro pop anthem about getting over and moving on. “I was in pieces on the floor, well baby that’s before,” he croons. The song is hopeful and soulful, and the chorus is driven with a killer beat.

The 21-year-old wrote the track after he had his heart broken by a boy, but as Mathew said, “I’ve had a lot of time to heal, and I’ve had a pretty frickin’ amazing year which gave me some glue to put all of the pieces back together. With “Broken” I wanted to branch out sonically and lyrically from the sad songs I’ve made in the past, and try some self-empowering, full-on pop.”

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