Fresh Indies Vol. 5: PLYA, Sidibe, Fann, Bruno Martini, Jeff LeBlanc & Hanging Valleys

This week in Fresh Indies volume 5, I've picked six new singles from a diverse mix of international artists, including PLYA's "Adrenaline", "Unreachable" from Sidibe, Fann & Dave Audé's "Shiny Things", Bruno Martini's "With Me" featuring Zeeba, Jeff LeBlanc's "Way You Are", and "Fortaleza" by Hanging Valleys.
The GATE Fresh Indies Volume 5

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PLYA – “Adrenaline”

PLYA are a three-piece from the U.S. that work with dark and heavy beats layered on epic, pop undertones, and yearning, earnest vocals. Their new single, “Adrenaline” has a driving, marching beat that’s heavy on drum and bass, but the catchy single moves with the power of singer Julia Sykes’ rising vocals, that lifts the lamenting lyrics high and far.

With Sykes on vocals, Kris Taylor on guitar, and William Brown on drums, PLYA are pushing dramatic tracks that are absolute ear candy. So far I’ve listened to this single a dozen times, and I’ll be playing it right into summer.

Watch the 360 video for “Adrenaline” on YouTube and follow the band on Twitter.

Sidibe – “Unreachable”

Sidibe‘s “Unreachable” is a seductive, provocative track that’s borne on the wings of the singer’s silky vocals, flowing and spicy, mixed over a worldly Spanish beat. Her sound is passionate, stylish, and has an old-school R&B vibe that I absolutely adore.

In April 2016, Sidibe’s track “I’m Only Dreaming” was picked by Prince for his Purple Pick of the Week Playlist, and one of her tracks was also featured in the BET series Being Mary Jane. Today, Sidibe works with Grammy-winning producers Jack Splash, Warryn Campbell and Nico Stadi.

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Fann & Dave Audé – “Shiny Things”

“Shiny Things” is a party anthem, plain and simple, and it’s perfect because it’s pure and joyful. Rapper, producer, and songwriter Fann collaborated for her first independent single with Grammy-winning producer Dave Audé, and together they crafted a track that’s fun and full of attitude.

Fann has earned millions of streams working with a range of artists, including Crazytown and CLMD, plus songwriters like Linda Perry, Dr. Luke, Rock Mafia, and Greg Kurstin. Now, with “Shiny Things”, Fann delivers a lively indie pop song that has a killer party beat and delicious vocals.

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Bruno Martini – “With Me” featuring Zeeba

Brazilian producer Bruno Martini has an incredible 600 million streams to date, and with a single like “With Me” that’s only the beginning. Martini and singer Zeeba collaborate together for the second time with the winding, deeply rooted single “With Me”, which starts slow and climbs to terrific heights. The track takes you on a ride from cool rhythms and evocative vocals, to soaring beats.

Watch the video for “With Me”, follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Jeff LeBlanc – “Way You Are”

“Way You Are” is a slow burning love song that floats on Jeff LeBlanc‘s charming, crooning vocals, and the story about the simple things that make someone beautiful to you. The song is about the quiet, relaxed moments that bring two people together, and LeBlanc captures the mood perfectly.

The independent songwriter has had three top twenty albums on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart since releasing his first album in 2009, his music has been featured in dozens of TV placements, and he’s been touring with acts like Tori Kelly, Gavin DeGraw, and Chris Stapleton.

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Hanging Valleys – “Fortaleza”

“Fortaleza” is a soaring, delicately rendered song that feels expansive and profound, with a sound that is perfectly minimalist. The falsetto vocals and melodies add grace and beauty to simple, shifting acoustic rhythms that feel all-encompassing. “Fortaleza” is one of those deftly quiet songs that you need to play turned up to fully immerse yourself in the aural world that Hanging Valleys have created.

This is the first single from Hanging Valleys‘ second EP, and the band says that the idea behind the song is about being strong, “weathering storms and having courage in the face of adversity.” The music video features vintage footage of a group of Antarctic explorers weathering the elements on a difficult trip, and it’s not hard to hear that landscape in the song.

In just under a year, Hanging Valleys’ debut EP has earned over a million streams on Spotify.

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