Listen: ORKID’s “So Rude”


ORKID’s “So Rude” is a danceable, electro-pop track about bad behaviour that’s cathartic for anyone who has had a bad day because of one person’s attitude. If you’ve been in a relationship with someone that rude, it may even hit close to home, but the catchy single has a different origin story.

Matilda Melin from Sweden is the artist behind ORKID, and she wrote “So Rude” with U.S. artist Lucas Nord. Since the track debuted it has already been featured on numerous new music lists in the U.S. and U.K.

“So Rude was written with no particular person in mind,” Melin said. “At the time I was waiting tables at this restaurant, so Lucas and me wrote this song about all the rude guests you encounter on a regular basis. I like the idea that when you hear the song you’ll probably think it’s about a relationship, but when you know the true story behind it it’s actually kind of funny.”

The single is velvety and smooth, propelled by Melin’s vocals, with a beat that feels confrontational, maybe like the rude characters the song is about, and yet made for dancing. “So Rude” makes you want to dance the bad attitude away.

Melin grew up on classic singers and songwriters, like greats Nat King Cole and Sam Cooke, and the singer says those artists influenced her style and the maturity of her music early on. ORKID’s last single, “Wasted” earned attention worldwide, with features in more than 20 different “New Music Friday” lists on Spotify.

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