Listen: Echo Nebraska’s “Leave the Lights On”

Echo Nebraska

“Leave The Lights On” is Echo Nebraska’s yearning, pleading folk-rock single about what it’s like to think about the one you love while you’re on the road.

Where does the next day lead when you’re on tour?

Echo Nebraska’s songwriter Devan Christodoulou wrote the track on tour, and the vivid lyrics lend themselves perfectly to an imaginary music video that plays out in your head while you listen to the song.

“I woke up in Calgary, where do I go now? In the middle of nowhere, is where I’ll always be found.”

“Leave The Lights On” is from Echo Nebraska’s latest album, Hold Up To The Fire. Striving to create affirming pop and acoustic music, the band has had their share of hardship. In 2016, co-founding member Gunn Park passed away after battling cancer. So the band channeled their energy into the sweetly, positive single and title track from the album, “Hold Up To The Fire”.

The band worked with producer Jeff Dawson and Colin Stewart to mix the album.

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