Listen: Laura Roy’s “Company”

Laura Roy

Dreamy and gorgeously smooth, Laura Roy’s new single, “Company”, is jazzy pop that sounds like honey. The song is the perfect mood music for a night in with that special “company” you’ve been dreaming of all week.

Roy grew up on the east coast, in Canning, Nova Scotia, but she’s now living in England. She also started out learning jazz, blues & classical, but her heart was clearly on R&B.

Talking about her roots, Roy said, “My mother constantly had James Taylor playing on repeat in our house. I think that was a big inspiration for learning guitar and songwriting,” she said. “On the other hand, I had an older sister who was always blasting 90s/early 2000s r&b and hip hop which is where I picked up a lot of my vocal influences.”

“Company” is the third single from Roy’s EP, Forte.

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