Listen: Emm’s “Freedom”


Emm’s single “Freedom” is a dark, uplifting elctro-pop track with a powerful message and a hook-filled chorus that’s confidant and totally impressive.

The message is deep, and moving, but the track is gorgeous and taunt, and Emm’s vocals are mesmerizing.

“Freedom is about how the children of addicts often have to be the adult in the relationship,” Emm said. “The song empathizes with the addict while still claiming and recognizing the pain that they have caused.”

“I just want to make things that help people heal and feel more free,” the artist said. “So I try to tell stories about things that are reflective of real life.”

Emm is a classically trained musician, and while she originally grew up in Michigan, she moved to New York when she was 16, and then chased her dream of being a singer to LA.

The singer-songwriter, is also a producer, and a strong advocate for women. As she noted, only about 5 percent of music producers in the industry today are female, and that’s something she knows needs to change.

Visit Emm at, or follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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