Generation Why - Conan Gray

Watch: Conan Gray’s “Generation Why”

by W. Andrew Powell
Generation Why - Conan Gray
Generation Why – Conan Gray

Conan Gray is one of the freshest voices I’ve heard in a long time, and he’s about to become a household name. The YouTube star launches his debut EP tonight, but before that, you need to give a listen to “Generation Why”.

Written and directed by Gray himself, the video is a confidant, expressive, coming-of-age tale that’s compelling and honest on a real, approachable level. 

Much more than that though, “Generation Why” is a stunning track that’s an absolute ear-worm. It’s slick, smart, sweetly endearing, and perfectly produced. The lyrics are nostalgic, and wonderfully honest, on top of encapsulating an absolute millennial call-to-arms.

Conan Gray’s debut EP arrives tonight at midnight. You can pre-save the EP on Spotify, to get it once it arrives. Follow Gray on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

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