Listen: LACES’ “someday is not tonight”


Jessica Vaughn is the voice of LACES, but you have almost certainly heard her before thanks to an impressive career in LA’s music scene.

Her track “someday is not tonight” is a catchy, fresh single that’s loaded with heart and an earnest clarity that draws you in. The lyrics are gorgeous, and Vaughn’s vocals are utterly mesmerizing.

Her music has been featured far and wide, and her single “Freedom” has earned over 500,000 streams. She has also provided vocals on numerous TV series, including The Vampire Diaries, Melrose Place, The Ellen Show, World of Dance, Dancing With The Stars, and So You Think You Can Dance.

Vaughn also sings solo, under her own name, and works with EDM group BRZY. Before that though, she previously went by the names Jessie Poland, and Charlotte Sometimes, and she’s been featured as one of VH1’s “You Oughta Know” artists, and one of AP’s “100 Bands You Need to Know”.

Follow Jessica Vaughn on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. You can also watch LACES perform the track from a live performance, or stream the track below.

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